We’re a tightly-knit community of professional artists, curators, framers, art handlers, and installers devoted to making art buying and collecting easier for businesses and individuals. We oversee all of the logistics from purchase to installation.
  • Streamline
  • Transparent
  • Communication

We provide the following services


We handpick the artworks showcased on our platform from artists with whom we’ve developed close relationships. Each artist is multi-faceted and well-established in their field. The hard work is already done - the only thing for you to do is choose a piece that you love.


We offer an assortment of exhibition-quality frames. Our vendors cut and fabricate each frame in-house, specific to the work you have chosen.


We offer white glove, personal delivery services in the New York Metropolitan Area and ensure the safest possible transportation from our artists’ studios to your door.


Our skilled installers come to your location and professionally place each work you’ve added to your collection.


Selecting from the gallery’s extensive collection, our curators work closely with you to achieve your vision within your budget. We will provide you with a digital rendering of the installed work prior to renting each piece.

Antraniq Gallery offers a unique art buying and collecting experience outside of the traditional “white box” gallery or art fair scene. We seek to create personal long-lasting relationships with our artists, designers, collectors, and service providers. The level of collaboration and care we offer will guarantee that artists and clients feel a sense of connection and reward. We believe that we are on the forefront of the art market future and that working with us will redefine the way you envision the role of the gallery.